Soneva Fushi highlights the natural beauty of the Maldives

Villa 38 at Soneva Fushi Pool View, Maldives
Villa 38 at Soneva Fushi Pool View, Maldives

2023 Gold List Award winner Soneva Fushi celebrates environmental and community initiatives in the Maldives through sustainable practices that highlight the country’s natural beauty

Soneva Fushi in the Maldives seamlessly blends the principle of barefoot luxury with a profound commitment to green tourism. Located within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, this 2023 Gold List Award winner features overwater and beachfront villas that blend into the natural landscape. Soneva Fushi invites guests to immerse themselves in the wonders of Hanifaru Bay or indulge in the coastal-chic comfort of their villas.


Soneva Fushi stands as one of the Maldives‘ largest island resorts – spanning an expansive 1.4 kilometres in length and 400 meters in width – situated among a dense jungle canopy and bordered by pristine bone-white sand and crystal-clear water. Boasting 55 private island villas, diverse dining options, an outdoor cinema, wellness facilities and an array of outdoor experiences, Soneva Fushi offers a luxurious and immersive retreat.

The resort features a variety of unique experiences that blend luxury with environmental consciousness and highlight the natural beauty of the Maldives. The experiences available include a sunset dolphin cruise, snorkelling with manta rays, a private lunch on a desert island prepared by a personal chef or private lessons in stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing or catamaran surfing.


At Soneva Fushi, guests can relax at Soneva Soul, the island’s wellness complex, where ancient healing wisdom spanning thousands of years converges with cutting-edge science and innovation. A resident Ayurvedic Doctor is available to provide complimentary consultations and personalised lifestyle recommendations aimed at restoring balance, while resident therapists create personalised treatments based on wellness needs. 

The integrative medicine offerings at Soneva Fushi address specific wellness concerns and overall health and well-being. These include major autohemotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, cryotherapy, prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy. An array of wellness services is designed to help guests unwind, rejuvenate, and regain balance, featuring Ayurvedic remedies, yoga sessions, a diverse range of massages, body treatments, beauty services, vitamin therapy, fitness training, mindfulness practices and energy work.


Sustainability is seamlessly woven into the dining experience at the resort, with a commitment to presenting cuisine produced from locally sourced, organic ingredients. From an exquisite Asian-fusion menu served over the water to fine dining high above the island garden, Soneva Fushi features a collection of diverse dining venues, each highlighting various culinary styles strategically positioned across the island.

The design ethos amalgamates privacy and luxury, with a raw connection to nature. The resort’s dedication to sustainability is prevalent, through the integration of sustainable features such as solar power and water filtration systems within the villas. Each villa at Soneva Fushi is adorned with a coastal-chic aesthetic, featuring expansive living areas, a secluded pool, an oceanic water slide and spacious open-air bathrooms surrounded by private gardens. Each of the 55 private villas is graced with its stretch of immaculate beach, panoramic views of either sunrise or sunset and inclusive access to a dedicated 24/7 private butler service for guests.

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