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Sidestep the Mediterranean crowds and enjoy an exclusive cruise holiday under sail with Star Clippers.

There’s nothing quite as romantic as cruising the Mediterranean under sail, your mega-yacht close to the coastline, allowing you a front-row seat to the atmospheric villages of the Amalfi Coast, perhaps, or the glamorous shoreline of the French Riviera. Welcome to a return to the golden age of sailing with Star Clippers, a unique cruise experience that unites the modern amenities of a private yacht with the authentic touches of classic sailing clipper ships.

All three of the fleet’s tall ships – Star Clipper, Star Flyer and Royal Clipper – feature itineraries created using wind charts to ensure the ships can move under the power of wind as much as possible. In short, they’re eco-friendly by nature. A popular experience is being on the top deck for sail away, watching the nautical crew raise the sails. On all ships, you are encouraged to climb the mast to the crow’s nest, 23 metres above the ocean and offering incredible views over the Mediterranean. At other times, the most popular perch is the hammock-like bowspring netting, where you can lay out with the ocean beneath you, reflecting on your good life choices for being here.

As the largest tall ships under sail in the Med, Star Clippers’ fleet offer plenty of space for you to enjoy quiet contemplation. Think, stylish cabins, beautiful lounges and bars, and expansive teak decks. The restaurant’s culinary creations nod to the destinations you visit, and are only outshone by the friendly service of the crew, who you will consider family by the end of your journey. Still, despite the facilities, the ships are still small compared to the rest of the ocean cruise world, which means that your captain can pull up in quiet coves, away from mega-liners and the accompanying crowds, and anchor close to shore in ports that other boats simply cannot go.

This means that if you’re on Royal Clipper – the largest ship in the fleet, with space for 227 guests and 42 sails – cruising on the ‘Amalfi Coast and Sicily’ itinerary, you’ll be ashore and exploring historic Italian towns, sipping wine in intimate trattorias, swimming in gin clear water… in no time. And you won’t be jostling with large tour groups to do so.

Jump aboard Star Flyer (with space for 166 guests) in Cannes, and the ‘Riviera Chic and Corsica’ itinerary will ensure you take a deep dive into charming Italian and French towns, discovering the culture of destinations including Portofino, Italy; Sardinia, Italy; and Bandol, France – you’ll also have the chance to rub shoulders with the beautiful people in the French Riviera town of St. Tropez.

History buff? On the ‘In the Footsteps of Romans’ itinerary aboard Star Flyer you’ll have the chance to experience shore excursions to places that have shaped the world, from ancient ruins to destinations where significant events have taken place. Your knowledgeable guide knows all the stories.

Back on board your Star Clippers ship, there are no rigid schedules and no cheesy entertainment. Instead, you may wish to end the day watching the sun set beside the top-deck pool while your dapper bartender mixes you a fruity cocktail. Forget big shows – instead, entertainers are invited aboard to perform in the different ports you visit, offering a cultural experience like no other.

Book your Star Clippers cruise early and save 20%, with free cabin upgrades* and €150 on-board spending credit per couple*.

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