Stop-over in Salay

Pandaw’s luxury cruise down Myanmarr’s Irrawaddy River will be making a new stop at the ancient village of Salay. Located 22 miles (about 35 kilometres) from Pagan, Salay was a bustling trading port during colonial rule, but has since been transformed into a peaceful fishing village with almost fifty monasteries and a number of Pagan-era shrines, as well as many striking examples of colonial architecture.

Guests will visit Salay House, the village’s museum, which has been converted from an old trading company warehouse, originally built in 1906. The museum contains artefact and antiques from British Colonial Burma, as well as an outdoor area with views over the Irrawaddy.

Prices start from US$1534 (about A$2002) per person for the seven-night itinerary.






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