‘Sustainability meets tranquillity’ at WA’s Upland Farm

Upland Farm melds simple comfort with luxurious accommodation in an upcountry Western Australian setting

Located in Denmark along the Great Southern Coastline, approximately five hours from Perth, Upland Farm provides guests with an opportunity to escape urban life and engage with nature. The estate boasts a favourable Mediterranean climate, abundant wildlife, a welcoming atmosphere and an array of recreational activities. The exclusive accommodation features four architecturally designed cabins on a 107-acre estate, boasting panoramic views and expansive open fields. 

The estate is owned by Shelley and Tyrone Kennedy, who reimagined the once run-down cattle farm into a nature retreat and  a destination “[where they] would like to stay.” The couple are continuously finding innovative ways to connect with the locale, restore the property and introduce contemporary amenities while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

The accommodation is designed to seamlessly integrate the natural environment while providing a luxurious setting for guests to relax. Designed through a collaboration between Shelley and La Haus Studio, the interior design reflects a minimalist aesthetic, incorporating sustainably sourced Australian materials and organic textures. 

Upland Farm has been maximised for self-sufficiency and each cabin has been designed with consideration for the changing temperature of each season. The cross-ventilation within the cabins keeps the accommodation cooler in summer and warmer during the winter, with double-glazed windows and a strategically positioned orientation. The cabins are freestanding and positioned to maximise privacy while offering expansive views and fostering a strong connection with the surrounding environment.

At the heart of Upland Farm is a strong sustainable ethos; the estate pays attention to details, with every project on the farm contributing to the continuous effort to conserve nature in its entirety. In addition to the natural materials in cabin construction and living spaces, the estate implements innovative irrigation designs to capture and filter rainwater, replenishing surrounding soil and conserving resources. Comprehensive water conservation measures include recycling, proper storage and composting, while native gardens and a herd of grass-fed Hereford and Angus cattle highlight the estate’s dedication to biodiversity and ecological restoration.

The location boasts pristine trails for bike riding and hiking, accommodating a range of different skill levels from novice to expert. Denmark boasts picturesque destinations for exploration, including the Harewood Forest Walk, Mokare Heritage Trail and Monkey Rock, to name a few. Its varieties of wildflower types, containing delicate perfumes and staggering visual beauty, add to Denmark’s charm as a slice of floral heaven with lush wildflower trails.

While the southern WA region is renowned for its acclaimed hiking and cycling trails, it also serves as a haven for wine enthusiasts welcoming visitors to explore its sustainable wineries. The cooler seasons provide an ideal backdrop for tasting full-bodied reds, with wines masterfully blended with raspberry and soft vanilla flavours derived from the wine’s maturation in French oak barrels.

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