Sal Salis is an eco-luxury camp, tonally in tune with its local environment

Sal Salis tents with A&K, Western Australia

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef offers a sustainable escape where the outback, reef and ranges intersect – a Gold List Award-winning retreat committed to minimal impact and sustainability

With tones that seamlessly blend in with the dunes of Western Australia, Gold List Award-winning retreat, Sal Salis, is a sustainable luxury property where the outback, reef and ranges intersect. Located on the doorstep of Ningaloo Reef, Sal Salis is designed around three fundamental principles, Sal Salis prides itself on luxurious accommodations, a profound connection to the land and a commitment to minimising its ecological footprint through sustainable practices.

Situated on the Northwest Cape of Western Australia, Sal Salis is set in an aesthetically striking landscape where the arid coast contrasts with pristine ocean waters. Just two kilometres from the camp, Cape Range National Park reveals intricately carved gorges with limestone features. 

The area is rich in native wildlife, including red kangaroos, wallaroos, rock wallabies, goannas, and echidnas. Nearby Mandu Mandu Gorge and Yardie Creek Gorge showcase distinct ecosystems and indigenous history spanning 30,000 years. With direct beach access to Ningaloo Reef, guests can explore its diverse marine life, including 500 fish species and 250 coral species. The glamping tents, located 50 meters from the beach amid coastal dunes, provide a comfortable retreat for guests to unwind in this exceptional environment.

Sals Salis is comprised of sixteen safari-style tents dotting the coastline of Cape Range National Park. The accommodation at Sal Salis embodies a ‘wildlife luxury’ aesthetic, with each tent spaciously designed with private decks, an ensuite and framed sea views. All accommodation at Sal Salis maximises privacy, however, for the guests who want a more secluded experience, tents One to Five each have only one neighbour. Each tent is adorned with 500-thread count organic cotton bedlinen, hand-made native-herb soap and eco-friendly toiletries – every detail has been thought of, even down to the reef-safe sunscreen and toiletries.

The guiding principles at Sal Salis underpin its eco-conscious and environmentally friendly approach to protecting its environment and highlight the emphasis the camp places on minimising its ecological footprint. The camp’s construction is above ground level to protect the flora and fauna, power is generated by solar, and water usage is carefully managed to avoid weed growth and eradicate any waste material that escapes into the surrounding ecosystem.

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