How to Use Your Holiday Home to Travel the World

THIRDHOME: Villa Akuna in Sumartin, Croatia
THIRDHOME: Villa Akuna in Sumartin, Croatia

High-end home exchange club THIRDHOME gives holiday home owners the chance to leverage their often-empty properties to stay in other luxury holiday homes all of the world…

Have you ever felt guilty about leaving your expensive holiday home vacant . . . yet again . . . because you want to explore and experience other exotic parts of the world? Here’s an ingenious way to expunge all that guilt and deploy your valuable second home in a smart, strategic way to secure access to thousands of other second homes around the world, sitting similarly vacant. What’s more, you will be assuaging the guilt of countless others by putting their asset to good use, too.

Enter ultra-high-end home exchange club THIRDHOME, the brain-child of Wade Shealy from Tennessee. Shealy had spent 28 years in the luxury real estate business, helping clients realise their second-home dreams when he came up with the concept of using those valuable but sometimes seldom-used assets to gain access to other properties or a ‘third home’ of an equal standard all around the world . . . thereby opening up a portfolio of holiday homes and a world of new travel opportunities.

“I learned that the main reason people hesitate to buy a second home in a single location is that they love to travel to other places too,” says Shealy. “I knew if I could create a way for second home-owners to leverage the investment they’ve already made, to stay in a variety of desirable destinations, I would really have something.”

So in 2008 he created THIRDHOME, and Shealy has just expanded his burgeoning luxury home exchange business to include five-star holiday rental accommodation and travel adventures. But while Shealy knew the service fulfilled a real need, he had no idea how successful the business would become, and how fast.

Today THIRDHOME’s portfolio of member homes numbers 10,400 luxury residences across the globe with an average value of $US3 million. In addition to private homes, many are located in the 75 world-class resorts and residence clubs that have selected THIRDHOME as a trusted exchange programme for their owners – like The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club.

“THIRDHOME is unlike any other home exchange or travel club,” Shealy says. “The scale, trust and access it provides are unrivalled.”

THIRDHOME has also recently added vacation rentals to the mix meaning people without a luxury second home can access the keys to exclusive properties not previously available to the public. There are now over 300 stunning THIRDHOME properties available for rent in spectacular locations in 36 countries around the world, including Australia and New Zealand. This number is set to rise exponentially as the popularity of using private residences for holiday accommodation gains international momentum.

I am assured the high standards that THIRDHOME is renowned for will be just as evident in the rental program as it has been in the home exchange service. The average value of rental properties is $3 million and each home is carefully reviewed for its desirable location and quality furnishings. Any guests also undergo a comprehensive screening procedure.

Those wanting to list their homes on THIRDHOME’s rental website can do so without charge and with no commission when also signing up to the home exchange club. In so doing, they will become a member of a prestigious property and travel club that opens doors to thousands of magnificent homes around the world.

“THIRDHOME is determined to stay ahead of the trends and focused on providing five-star service and unparalleled offerings for those looking to stay and play in luxury style,” says Shealy.

Exploring new destinations has never been easier.

Justine Tyerman stayed at Wings Hinterland Retreat courtesy of THIRDHOME.

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