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Viking Cruises - Dubrovnik
Viking Cruises - Dubrovnik

Want to cruise and feel enriched, invigorated and excited about seeing the world? Viking takes you on deep, immersive dives into the destinations it visits, earning the line the reputation as the ‘Thinking Person’s Cruise Line’. Discover not only what you’ll get out of your next journey, but also what you can contribute to the world’s communities and environments along the way

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It’s a sparkling spring day in the Greek Islands, and you’ve disembarked your Viking ship in Crete to be welcomed by the aroma of rosemary and dried orange, tinged by the sweetness of local wine that wizened men sip in the sun. They’re talking at volumes that suggest they’re arguing. And yet smiling and patting each-other on the back in a playful manner. You’ll meet some of them later, and eat the food they cook for their families. Maybe even learn a kitchen trick or two.

But before that you have a date with an expert in Greek archaeology to tour some of Crete’s most impressive ancient ruins. You’ll re-board your ship and venture forward not only with a wealth of appreciation for the destination – and the world – but also sleep soundly knowing you’re a better global citizen. Because supporting global communities – really supporting them by getting to know them – truly benefits everyone involved.

This is not a one-off when you’re cruising with Viking – it’s the rule, rather than the exception. Small wonder that the award-winning small-ship line, operating for more than 26 years, has developed a reputation as being for ‘Thinking People’; curious cruisers who want to have a deeply meaningful holiday that changes them and the destinations they visit. And many of those destinations are exclusive to the line, thanks to the intimacy of operations – put simply, Viking ships can go where others cannot.

Thanks to the line’s experience and esteemed reputation across the cruise world, they take you closer to the unique art, heritage, traditions, architecture and people that define each destination, with a focus on creating meaningful experiences that linger long in the mind after you’ve returned home.

Meaningful and immersive, The Viking Way

There aren’t many waterways that Viking does not traverse – from the world’s largest oceans to its mightiest rivers across seven continents, Viking will take you there, in serious style. Each of Viking purpose-built ships is striking in design, offering sleek interiors that nod to the company’s homeland of Scandinavia.

Every ship’s thoughtful design is pared-back and sleek, reminiscent of a boutique hotel with natural fabrics and timbers, and earthy hues. Guest rooms and public areas maximise space, maximising natural light and capturing the drama that continues to unfold outside your window.

As comfortable as each vessel is, it’s Viking’s people that really make the line stand out, whether service in the dining room or entertainment in the form of resident historians and guest lecturers, from all walks of life. One day you might be cruising to a legendary archaeological site and have historical experts guiding informative discussions; the next, a museum curator might be in your company to offer insights into the art and artefacts that your journey reveals on land. Everything is carefully curated to be informative, insightful and engaging.

Trusted expert guides

Regardless of your port of call, every stop on your journey with Viking includes excursions with knowledgeable local guides who are passionate about their unique region. Designed to take you deeper into your destination, Viking’s ‘Local Life’ tours take you behind the scenes to offer glimpses into daily living that most other travellers don’t get to see – or even know about.

Meanwhile, ‘Working World’ excursions tap into passionate artisan crafts, revealing their talents and offering inspiration through insightful and often hands-on experiences; take your shore excursion up a notch with ‘Privilege Access’ experiences, giving you  exclusive entry to seldom-seen cultural treasures across the globe.

Discover more with Viking in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is Viking’s birthplace, and the company pays homage to the destinations across this pocket of northern Europe through journeys that reveal its fascinating destinations, cultures and cuisines.

Itineraries might take you through the Norwegian, Icelandic and Greenland fjords, where each landscape appears to cleave off the edge of the Earth. Soaring cliffs are studded with gem-like glaciers, and mists swirl across countryside with film-like drama. Remote and ravishing, this natural wonderland attracts a menagerie of wildlife, from reindeer and Arctic foxes to whales and puffins. Get set for plenty of ‘pinch me’ moments.

Whether you’re tracing ancient Viking trade routes or lingering in atmospheric cultural capitals like Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo, you have the chance to witness two dazzling natural phenomenon when you visit: the ghostly dancing colours of the Northern Lights in winter (or indeed at other times of the year, conditions pending); and the constant glow of the Midnight sun in summer.

Try these exciting Viking itineraries:

15-Days Viking Homelands
13-Days In Search Of The Northern Lights
29-Days Greenland, Iceland, Norway & Beyond

Explore the Mediterranean with Viking

From the stunning shores of Italy, Croatia and Spain to the opaline islands of Greece and the dizzying bazaars of Morocco and Turkey, the Mediterranean is a whirlwind of colours, aromas, flavours and sounds.

You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the ancient Greek and Roman monuments that dot the shores you visit, some telling the story of the birth of Western civilisation. In between there are beguiling colourful villages that cling to cliffsides, clamorous cities where people-watching is a pastime unto itself, and dreamy whitewashed islets where time appears to stand still. Asia and Europe meet along the mighty Bosporus in Turkey, where minarets pierce the sky and fishermen do a brisk trade in loaded seafood sandwiches making the most of their daily catch.

Speaking of food, on itineraries in this part of the world you can try your hand at making fresh pasta in Italy, sip local wines on Santorini or savour tapas from a hidden bar in Spain. The Mediterranean in a tasty mouthful.

Try these exciting Viking itineraries:

29-Days Mediterranean Iconic Shore
16- Days Malta, Morocco & the Mediterranean
8-Days Venice, the Adriatic & Greece

Park Guell Gaudi Cityscape, Barcelona

Rocky Coast Town Bridge, Marseille (left), Pasta Making Class, Ceraudo Farm Crotone (right)

Cruise with Viking closer to home: Asia, Australia & New Zealand

You don’t need to venture far to discover destinations that take your breath away – in more ways than one. Viking’s voyages around Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Oceania reveal this part of the world through a fresh lens – many of your ports of call are off-the-beaten track and unique to the line. Think, spotting rare Chinese white dolphins as they dance through the waves in the Gulf of Thailand; catching a sunrise over Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist monument; encountering enormous ‘dragons’ in Indonesia’s Komodo archipelago; navigating the windswept islands of Bass Strait; or finding Zen in Japan’s intricately designed temples and shrines.

And when you’re back on your ship, every detail is designed to enrich and enhance your travel experience on land. The Viking Way means including as much as possible into your cruise fare, from all on-board meals featuring regional specialties and always available classics, to complimentary beers and wine with lunch and dinner, specialty tea and coffee, unlimited Wi-Fi, complimentary shore excursions, UNESCO site visits, plus so much more.

Try these exciting Viking itineraries:

15-Days Australia & New Zealand
29-Days South Asia & Hong Kong
17-Days Komodo & the Australian Coast

Red Cable Car, Wellington

Bali (left), Zojoji Temple, Tokyo (right)

Drift away in North America

While North America delivers some of the world’s greatest cities – whether New York, Boston or Montreal – it also features wild and wonderful natural landscapes that range from soaring snow-capped peaks and enormous glaciers in Alaska to the wildlife-rich locks, channels and canals of St. Lawrence Seaway.

There are some epic watery adventures to be had; perhaps the thrill of being on deck while crossing the International Dateline; sailing the North Pacific Ocean, where the Pacific meets the cooler Climes of the Arctic; navigating the legendary Inside Passage; or jumping in Zodiacs to get closer to icebergs backdropped by volcanoes. The adventures are endless.

Try these exciting Viking itineraries:

11-Day Alaska & the inside passage
13-Day Eastern Seaboard Explorer
23-Day North Pacific Passage

The sights and sounds of South America

For centuries, avid explorers have been fascinated by the islands and fjords that carve much of South America – for good reason. This part of the continent is one of the world’s last remaining cruise frontiers, and a place where each shoreline is wilder than the last. Viking itineraries take you to the ‘end of the Earth’ in Chile, where Tierra de Fuego National park dials up the natural drama in a series of staggering mountain ranges, and Cape Horn captivates sailors day in, day out – this is where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet, and each minute here is full of cruising surprises, in the best possible way.

When it’s time to ditch your jacket and gloves, the Caribbean and Amazon call with destinations that range from palm-laced islands to immense cities that never sleep. You won’t either – there’s so much to see and do. When you’re not strolling the streets of Manaus, Brazil, or Bridgetown, Barbados, get set for adventures along the Amazon River, keeping your eyes peeled for manatees, giant otters and sea cows. This is one expedition into the wild that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Try these exciting Viking itineraries:

18-Days South America & the Chilean Fjords
13-Day Amazon  & Caribbean Adventure
22-Day Southern Atlantic Crossing

Coastal Cliffs, Fjords Ketchikan

Jean Glock Caminito Balcony, Buenos Aires (left), Metropolitan Cathedral, Santarem, Brazil (right)

Are you a ‘thinking cruiser’? Try one of Viking’s exciting river or ocean cruise experiences today, spanning all seven continents in style.

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