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Aro ha Wellness Retreat, New Zealand

Aro ha Wellness Retreat, New Zealand

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat
Glenorchy, New Zealand
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Aro Ha Wellness Retreat is a transformative haven embracing natural health and sustainable living. Comprising 11 eco-friendly buildings on a 20-acre site, the retreat combines sustainable design principles such as Passivhaus, NetZero Energy, and Permaculture. It offers six- or eight-day programs guided by a team of experts, addressing physical fitness, mental and emotional wellbeing. Guests start the day with sunrise sound bowls, yoga, and meditation, followed by sub-alpine hikes and spa treatments.

The retreat, nestled in the Southern Alps, immerses guests in the serenity of nature, featuring the stunning Obsidian Spa overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Aro Ha advocates disconnection to foster deeper reconnection, facilitating profound personal growth and positive transformations, including improved mood, mental clarity, sleep and overall wellbeing. It’s a catalyst for change, blending challenge and tranquility for a holistic wellness experience.

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