The Gold List - 2023

Cap Karoso, Julang, Indonesia

Cap Karoso, Julang, Indonesia

Cap Karoso – Julang
Sumba, Indonesia
Photography: Eric Martin, Alex Grabchilev, Toni Breton, Fabio Grangeon

Julang, a unique dining experience available exclusively to Cap Karoso resort guests on Indonesia’s remote Sumba Island, redefines beach resort gastronomy. Operating without a permanent chef, Julang invites world-renowned chefs for short residencies to craft sophisticated menus from Cap Karoso’s organic farm produce. This dinner-only fine-dining venue features a single 20-seat communal table that extends into the kitchen, fostering intimate guest interactions and chef engagement.

Julang’s concept introduces high-level gastronomy to a region without any other restaurants. The restaurant’s essence lies in showcasing locally grown ingredients, with 95% sourced from Cap Karoso’s farm or the nearby ocean. Visiting chefs collaborate with the local F&B team, providing invaluable exposure to different cooking styles and cuisines for Sumba’s talented locals. Renowned chefs like Mehdi Kebboul, Katsu Okiyama and others have graced Julang with their culinary expertise, making it a standout dining destination in this wild paradise.

Cap Karoso Julang

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