The Gold List - 2023

Cap Karoso, Sumba, Indonesia

Cap Karoso, Sumba, Indonesia

Cap Karoso
Sumba, Indonesia
Photography: Alex Grabchilev; Eric Martin

Cap Karoso is a pioneering eco-conscious retreat nestled on Indonesia’s remote Sumba Island. Set amidst stunning landscapes, it harmoniously blends conscious travel, authenticity and community. The resort seamlessly combines culinary excellence, contemporary Indonesian art and modernist structures with traditional pavilions, Sumbanese antiques and local crafts.

It comprises 47 rooms, 20 villas, three restaurants, a spa, gym, and a vast organic farm, all reflecting its commitment to eco-conscious living. The resort’s design thoughtfully balances traditional and modern elements, with the traditional thatched-roof buildings at its centre hosting a spa that embraces local shamanic rituals. The modernist angular structures, which house contemporary suites and villas, feature rooftop gardens and meticulous interior design that blends contemporary aesthetics with age-old craft techniques.

Cap Karoso prioritises sustainability, managing water resources efficiently, cultivating greenery, and utilising solar panels for energy, all while creating an inviting and immersive environment.

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