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COMO Hotels and Resorts

COMO Hotels and Resorts

COMO Hotels and Resorts
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COMO Hotels and Resorts crafts exceptional experiences across a diverse range of properties around the world, each inspired by its unique surroundings. Rooted in an award-winning, family-owned tradition, COMO Hotels and Resorts possesses a deep commitment to holistic well-being, nourishing cuisine and destinations that honour their essence. The brand’s portfolio encompasses COMO Metropolitan urban hotels and adventure-focused Uma resorts, each embodying the consistent values of responsible living and the transformative potential of meaningful moments.

In a rapidly changing world, COMO offers solace, inviting guests to embrace the present, whether it’s witnessing a Turks and Caicos sunset by their private pool, gazing over the Indian Ocean, or immersing themselves in Bhutan’s serene valleys. COMO’s diverse locations span global capitals, remote Himalayan realms and secluded tropical isles, all under the umbrella of the Singapore-based COMO Group.

Wellness is integral to the brand’s ethos, epitomised by COMO Shambhala, which adopts a comprehensive approach to holistic wellbeing, complemented by luxurious facilities, yoga and energy-enhancing cuisine. The Balinese property also offers COMO Shambhala Cuisine, a menu of nutritious delights designed to boost vitality and satisfy taste buds. COMO’s Play by COMO program offers enriching experiences for children that foster curiosity, cultural understanding, and family bonding. As custodians of the destinations COMO operates within, the hotel group also actively engages with local culture, supports the community and champions sustainability to minimise the brand’s environmental footprint. 

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