The Gold List - 2023

Danielle Galloway, Travel Associates

Danielle Galloway, Travel Associates

Sydney, NSW
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Danielle Galloway is a dedicated executive leader in the global luxury travel industry. With a 23-year loyal history at Flight Centre Travel Group, she pioneered the internal Luxury division and, through connections and strong investment, has played an instrumental role in influencing best practice and sustainable growth within the Australian luxury travel market. Danielle’s innovative leadership has led to remarkable results at Travel Associates AU and NZ, including record profit growth, client acquisition and Virtuoso membership.

Danielle established the Luxury Travel Collection – housing brands including Travel Associates, Scott Dunn and Laurier du Vallon – and co-founded the Link Travel Group, a $300 million venture, which unites prestige businesses in a shared goal of mutual success. She recognises the power of events in luxury travel, acquiring Luxperience and launching The Luxury Travel Event in 2023. Danielle is also an advocate for women in the industry, and she actively supports and mentors aspiring leaders and champions flexible work arrangements, fostering an inclusive and entrepreneurial work culture.

In 2022 Danielle earned her Global Director’s Award and the 2023 Prestigious Global awards for Profitability and Productivity. She is Chairperson of the LINK Travel Group, Member of the Hilton Hotel Advisory Group, Virtuoso Group Membership Owner, Founder of Womenwise within FCTG, CPA and Board Member of AVMIN.

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