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Drew Kluska, The Tailor

Drew Kluska, The Tailor

The Tailor
Photography: The Tailor

With a distinct influence on the Australian luxury travel industry since 1997, Founder and Managing Director of The Tailor, Drew Kluska is a visionary and pioneer for experiential travel. His expertise spans far beyond conventional travel boundaries, as he continuously innovates and curates exceptional experiences for his discerning clientele. By assembling a dedicated team of experts and forging strong relationships with suppliers, Drew goes above and beyond, transforming travel days into awe-inspiring adventures. His unwavering commitment to customisation, client care and surprise and delight moments has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the industry.

Drew’s journey in luxury tourism began in 1995 when he managed Wilderness Trails Lodge at the Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. This experience fuelled his passion for highly personalised luxury travel. After founding The Tailor in 1997, Drew aimed to offer discerning clients the true richness of Australia through unique luxury experiences. With over 25 years of experience and 16,000 travellers served, The Tailor is recognised as an innovator in luxury travel. Drew’s knack for discovering and developing new experiences, like the Botanical Ark collaboration, sets him apart. He prioritises understanding and fulfilling clients’ desires, nurtures strong supplier relationships and adds creative, unforgettable elements to their itineraries. Drew’s team-driven approach ensures seamless delivery of extraordinary experiences. 

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