The Gold List - 2023

Gaya Island Resort, Malaysia

Gaya Island Resort, Malaysia

YTL Hotels
Gaya Island, Borneo
Photography: YTL Hotels

Nestled amid protected mangroves and a pristine sandy coastline along Malohom Bay, Gaya Island Resort is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Since launching the Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre (GIRMC) in 2013, the resort has championed marine conservation through turtle rescue, coral reef restoration, and education initiatives. Over the past decade, GIRMC has saved 26 sea turtles, including the beloved Covid – a green sea turtle injured in a boat collision.

The Conservation team actively contributes to reestablishing corals, sea grass, and mangroves. Beyond its vibrant underwater biodiversity, the resort offers land-based adventures, focusing on proboscis monkeys, wildlife sightings, mangrove kayaking and educational programs led by the resident naturalist. Additionally, the resort promotes conservation through education by abstaining from selling endangered species and selecting eco-friendly products. Weekly conservation talks, guest involvement in outreach programs, and training local fishermen in sustainable practices further exemplify their dedication to environmental stewardship.

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