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Hands Up Holidays

Hands Up Holidays

Hands Up Holidays
Worldwide – primarily Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific
Photography: Hands Up Holidays

Hands Up Holidays provides tailor-made sustainable luxury experiences designed for families, seamlessly integrating sightseeing with impactful volunteering opportunities. With experiences lasting three-to-five days within an eight-to-14 day itinerary, Hands Up Holidays’ core principle is sustainability. This is reflected in their eco-luxury hotel recommendations, use of local guides, advocacy for restaurants sourcing organic, local ingredients,\ and preference for eco-friendly transportation.

Their family-oriented journeys encompass Asia, Africa and Latin America, featuring destinations like Thailand for elephant conservation, Bali for disabled-accessible bathroom installations and Costa Rica for wildlife preservation. Their thoughtfully-chosen, family-friendly accommodations – such as Soneva Kiri and Four Seasons Chiang Mai in Thailand – cater to all ages with connecting rooms, child-friendly activities and family-focused dining.

Their volunteering options – suitable for children aged five-to-12 and teenagers – range from wildlife conservation to community projects such as building houses and installing eco-friendly stoves. These immersive experiences foster family bonding and cultural understanding while making a positive impact. They encourage inter-generational families and operate on a philanthro-voluntourism model, where client funding drives local job creation. Their holistic eco-luxury approach extends to properties, organic cuisine, local guides and sustainable transportation, ensuring every aspect of the journey supports a greener future.

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