The Gold List - 2023

Impact Destinations

Impact Destinations

Impact Destinations
Southern Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Iceland, India, New Zealand, Italy, Chile, Canada, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, and Rwanda
Photography: Impact Destinations

Impact Destinations revolves around sustainable ultra-luxury experiences, where a traveller’s philanthropic donation not only empowers experts in their fields but also unlocks unique and transformative experiences. For instance, clients can fund and actively participate in the relocation of rhinos from a heavily poached reserve to a safer habitat in Botswana, or sponsor a scholarship for a promising Aboriginal student in Australia, entitling them to a private session with an established Aboriginal artist.

Impact Destinations’ commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is comprehensive, integrating sustainability throughout its offerings. This includes eco-luxury accommodations, local guides, organic dining and electric or hybrid vehicles, when feasible. Collaborations extend to communities, government entities and charitable organisations, fostering equitable and inclusive experiences across all continents.

The heart of the company’s mission lies in creating life-changing journeys that emphasise cultural preservation, responsible wildlife viewing and environmental conservation. Whether it’s relocating orangutans in Indonesia, tracking Arctic foxes in Iceland or supporting marine biologists in protecting Hammerhead Shark migration corridors, Impact Destinations’ trips prioritise holistic care for the environment, leaving lasting positive impacts.

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