The Gold List - 2023

Impact Destinations

Impact Destinations

Impact Destinations
Southern Africa, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Iceland, India, New Zealand, Italy, Chile, Canada, Costa Rica, Kenya and Rwanda
Photography: Impact Destinations

Impact Destinations offers sustainable luxury experiences where philanthropic contributions unlock unique encounters, enhancing expert efforts. From funding rhino relocations in South Africa to empowering Aboriginal artists in Australia, Impact Destinations’ journeys are all about conscientious exploration.

The brand embodies responsibility, intertwining sustainability with every experience it creates. Crafted for immersive journeys, itineraries reveal destination essence – be it relocating orangutans or tracking Arctic foxes – and environmental conservation drives the brand. 80% of Impact Destinations’ Philanthropy Unlocked experiences preserve the planet, with initiatives such as rescuing rhinos and orangutans fostering connections and supporting conservation globally.

Impact Destinations believes that cultural preservation matters, and collaborations with Aboriginal communities nurture heritage. The company’s journeys radiate holistic sustainability, encompassing eco-lodgings, local expertise, organic dining and eco-friendly transport. Impact Destinations isn’t just a name, it’s a commitment to creating positive footprints – environmentally, socially and economically, and shaping unforgettable experiences that catalyse change.

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