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Jumeirah, Bali

Jumeirah, Bali

Jumeirah Group
Bali, Indonesia
Photography: Jumeirah Bali

Nestled along Bali’s southwest coast in Uluwatu, Jumeirah Bali is a luxurious all-villa resort that pays homage to Hindu-Javanese culture and the majestic Majapahit Empire. It offers a lush aquatic sanctuary where nature, history and romance converge, creating a haven for couples, solo travellers and groups seeking harmony with the environment.

The resort thoughtfully embodies the island’s timeless allure, seamlessly merging its past with the present. Inspired by the Majapahit’s maritime architecture, Jumeirah Bali’s design features pavilions, walled gardens of and water elements, reminiscent of the empire’s water palaces. The resort boasts three stunning pools, mirroring the legendary reservoirs of the Majapahit era. A remarkable replica of Trowulan’s ruins – adorned with depictions of Jayanegara, Majapahit’s second monarch – adds to the architectural splendour.

Guests are welcomed through a grand Balinese gate guarded by Singa Ambara Raja, a mythical winged creature symbolising the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. As guests approach the lobby, they encounter an enchanting garden surrounding a magnificent 120-year-old red Bodhi tree, complete with a traditional Javanese pavilion and serene water features. The resort’s meticulous detailing – including intricate wall carvings narrating the Ramayana epic, floral Patra carvings and Majapahit-style swing doors – evokes a  tranquil ambiance. Local Balinese craftsmen have painstakingly adorned walls and doors with bespoke carvings, preserving traditional motifs and narratives that offer insight into the culture shaping modern Bali.

Jumeirah Bali prioritises sustainability, boasting the world’s most advanced desalination system and a community-oriented waste management program. Collaborative activities with the local village head focus on environmental preservation, local employment and participation in religious festivals and parades.

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