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Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Thailand

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Thailand

Kamalaya Co. Ltd
Koh Samui, Thailand
Photography: Ralph Tooten

Kamalaya, nestled amidst Koh Samui’s tropical landscape in Thailand, is a multi-award-winning wellness sanctuary focused on lifelong wellbeing. From cuisine to architecture, every aspect is crafted to enhance wellness experiences, utilising the healing power of nature.

At the resort’s core lies a centuries-old cave once used by Buddhist monks for meditation. Kamalaya, which translates to ‘Lotus Realm’ in Sanskrit, invites guests to reconnect with their essence, reflect and embrace personal needs in a stress-free setting. It offers an empowering journey with a focus on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and incorporates the expertise of naturopaths, TCM doctors, yoga teachers and more. Programs like Balance & Revitalize target stress and burnout, teaching stress management tools like meditation and pranayama.

Kamalaya also addresses relational health, lifestyle patterns and detoxification through expertly designed detox programs. After a stay at Kamalaya, guests often find themselves awakened to newfound self-awareness and a deeper sense of purpose.

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