The Gold List - 2023

Matthew Upchurch, Virtuoso

Matthew Upchurch, Virtuoso

Texas, USA
Photography: Virtuoso

Matthew Upchurch, the dynamic Chairman and CEO of Virtuoso, has significantly influenced Australia’s luxury travel sector. He inherited a passion for travel from his parents’ agency, and his exceptional leadership transformed Virtuoso into a global network. Upchurch has championed travel advisors, embraced technology and prioritised sustainability, reshaping the luxury travel landscape in Australia. Under his guidance, Virtuoso has expanded into a worldwide force, empowering travel advisors and advancing their expertise.

Upchurch’s commitment to responsible travel is evident through Virtuoso’s Community Impact Program. He introduced Virtuoso Travel Week, a global event driving innovation and knowledge sharing, with substantial implications for the Australian market. Upchurch’s adaptability led Virtuoso to integrate technology, enhancing the travel experience. His outstanding contributions have garnered awards and recognition, cementing his role as a pivotal leader in Australia’s luxury travel industry.

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