The Gold List - 2023

Michael Londregan, Virtuoso

Michael Londregan, Virtuoso

Sydney, NSW
Photography: Virtuoso

Michael Londregan is a distinguished leader with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years in luxury travel. He has held prominent roles in renowned organisations including Shangri-La, Qantas Vacations, and currently, Virtuoso. As the first Managing Director for Virtuoso outside the USA, he was responsible for introducing this esteemed luxury travel community to Australia, growing the local network from 10 to over 50 members today. In 2021, he became the Senior Vice President of Global Operations, expanding Virtuoso’s luxury travel business worldwide.

Londregan’s influence goes beyond his professional roles. He played a pivotal role in G’day LA, showcasing Australia’s luxury offerings to the North American market. As the Senior VP of Global Operations at Virtuoso, he prioritised experiential travel, enhanced travel advisor professionalism, and adapted to evolving market trends. His industry recognition and awards reflect the profound impact he has had as a figure in the market, but his greatest achievement lies in the industry’s ongoing support and growth. Michael Londregan’s visionary leadership has reshaped Australian travellers’ perception of luxury travel.

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