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Noosa Cruise and Travel

Noosa Cruise and Travel

Noosa Cruise and Travel
Noosa, QLD
Photography: Noosa Cruise and Travel

After a decade of consulting experience, Natalie Cherry established boutique luxury agency, Noosa Cruise and Travel in 2005. Positioned strategically along the Noosa riverfront, the agency’s store features an opulent ambiance with stone interiors and scenic river views that exude luxury. The agency began by specialising in the then-novel concept of cruising, and later, in 2012, acquired a second agency to cater to all other facets of travel. With a Virtuoso store that extended substantial support and handled future bookings, both establishments remained operational throughout the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was made possible due to the owner’s acquisition of the freehold buildings for both locations.

Comprising a compact yet dedicated team, the agency’s staff remained steadfast alongside their clients during the pandemic. Notably, three consultants have been working with Natalie for over a decade. Throughout the pandemic, the agency played a pivotal role in assisting clients, particularly those stranded overseas, with complex border crossings and emergency repatriation efforts. Despite the uncertainties, the agency shifted its focus to private jet travel and maintained an optimistic outlook for the future. The team actively secured future bookings, including over $500k in new cruise bookings with Ponant amidst the pandemic.

Joining Virtuoso in 2020, the agency has embraced this affiliation wholeheartedly. The agency has emerged as a top seller for renowned cruise lines such as Seabourn, Regent, Ponant, A&K, Scenic, and Silversea. Natalie Cherry, with 27 years of experience as a dedicated consultant in Noosa, enjoys a robust reputation for being respected and trusted within the industry. She has been instrumental in mentoring and elevating junior staff members to senior roles. Fostering staff development and education is a key priority for Natalie, and her team consistently goes above and beyond to serve clients.

Noosa Cruise and Travel is known for hosting frequent travel events, including an annual Luxury Cruise Travel Expo. Unlike traditional shopping centre-based setups, the agency’s location evokes a resort-like feel. The staff’s nautical-style navy and white uniforms mirror the theme of the products and the resort lifestyle of Noosa. Adding a unique touch, guests are even welcomed to bring their dogs into the store, making it a common stop for those strolling along the river with their furry companions. With an outdoor daybed that offers breathtaking views, Noosa Cruise and Travel has become a lifestyle luxury agency that garners trust and enthusiasm from its clientele for crafting their luxury travel experiences.

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