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Oasis Travel Pty Ltd

Oasis Travel Pty Ltd

Oasis Travel Pty Ltd
Peregian Springs, QLD
Photography: Oasis Travel Pty Ltd

Established in 2007, Oasis Travel was founded with the intention of delivering unparalleled service levels, unbeatable value, and unique holiday itineraries tailored to suit the specific interests of clients. These interests encompass activities such as walking, cycling, photography, and delving into the history and culture of the destinations. All of this is achieved while utilising private transfers, private guides, and a carefully curated selection of distinctive hotels and boutique guesthouses that provide an authentic sense of place to the traveller.

At Oasis, there is a profound passion for the countries to which travel is arranged, accompanied by a strong belief in giving back to the communities where clients are sent. There is no compromise on the quality or comfort of the trip in the pursuit of responsibility. Instead, the focus is on directly benefiting the communities by including visits to local initiatives such as schools, farms, orphanages, and wildlife projects within the itineraries.

The emphasis is placed on smaller, locally-owned hotels over large global chains, aiming to keep more income within the local community. Regular visits to the featured countries and collaborations with local partners allow Oasis Travel to uncover properties that align with their philosophy, ensuring an authentic experience for their clients. Ethically responsible accommodations, including eco-lodges that are environmentally conscious, are also recommended. Additionally, homestays are offered to provide a firsthand experience of local life, with a significant portion of the payment directed towards the local family or community.

Oasis Travel’s commitment to staying informed about new openings and product updates is evident through their staff’s regular familiarisation trips. Each itinerary they create is uniquely tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients, ensuring that over their more than 15 years of operation, no two Oasis Travel holidays have ever been the same. The company understands that luxury travel is an ever-evolving landscape, adapting to changing preferences and standards while maintaining its unwavering principles.

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