The Gold List - 2023

Rose Febo, Travel Managers

Rose Febo, Travel Managers

Luxury Personal Travel Manager and Business Owner
Photography: Brisbane Style Magazines

Brisbane-based Rose Febo’s career encompasses over 20 years in travel and 10 years in retail banking. Today, she owns and runs a multi-award-winning luxury travel and cruise enterprise for luxury travellers seeking the finest travel experiences. 

Possessing two university degrees and numerous accreditations, Rose is known for her determination, resilience and inspiring attitude. As a member of Ensemble and Signature Luxury Travel, she prioritises quality over quantity, fostering relationships with luxury suppliers and discerning clients.

Her client commitment focuses on providing an indulgent customer experience filled with VIP touches, personalisation, exclusive events and thoughtful gifts, such as Bon Voyage bottles of Veuve Clicquot. She has achieved CLIA Master accreditation twice, strategically refining her ideal cruise clientele and relaunching her personal luxury travel brand, Country Club Travel, in 2021.

Her boutique service includes personalised consultations, intuitive travel solutions and enriching experiences, like arranging musical evenings with Andrea Bocelli. She proudly represents Australian, Italian and Swiss Tourism boards, passionately showcasing their luxury highlights and curating sustainable regional culinary journeys.

Dedicated to travel excellence and mastery, Rose caters to both large requests and small details, sharing innovative travel and cruise ideas through her social platforms, blogs, and videos.

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