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Shakti Himalaya, India

Shakti Himalaya, India

Shakti Himalaya – a sister company to Banyan Tours
India: Kumaon, Sikkim & Ladakh
Photography: Shakti Himalaya

Shakti was born out of a desire to introduce discerning travellers to the rejuvenating embrace of remote Himalayan settings in India. The company leases privately owned properties along walking routes in Kumaon, Ladakh, and Sikkim, where they have transformed each house into luxurious retreats, thoughtfully equipped with modern comforts while preserving the essence of traditional Indian textiles and culture. During the off-season, these houses are returned to their owners’ use.

Shakti offers exclusive, guided journeys to these remote Himalayan regions, providing travellers with comfort and style. Beyond luxury tourism, Shakti has played a pivotal role in creating year-round employment opportunities for more than 50 local staff in seasonal tourism regions. The Shakti Foundation – its CSR arm, has actively contributed to community well-being, from constructing greenhouses to sharing agricultural knowledge and resources. Shakti is dedicated to minimal environmental impact, relying on sustainable energy sources such as solar and hydro-electricity while maintaining a light footprint to preserve local communities and resources.

Shakti’s sustainable sourcing practices empower local farmers and suppliers, creating lasting income streams and benefiting communities. Additionally, Shakti collaborates closely with local religious institutions, industries and artisans, supporting them in culturally sensitive ways and demonstrating the positive potential of tourism in these regions.

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