The Gold List - 2023

Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Soneva Resorts
Photography: Soneva

Soneva Fushi is an exceptional sustainable resort that sets a high standard for eco-friendly practices. Ahead of its time, the resort has maintained carbon neutrality since 2012 through innovative resource conservation measures such as waste-to-wealth initiatives, solar power and water-saving techniques. Soneva Fushi’s socioeconomic impact is significant, with the Soneva Foundation supporting projects worldwide, including Clean Water Projects that have benefited over 750,000 people.

The resort actively preserves local culture by collaborating with artisans and offering cultural experiences, and it is committed to environmental stewardship, possessing certifications such as EarthCheck, and leading ambitious waste management and marine conservation efforts, including a coral restoration program. Beyond its four key pillars of sustainability, Soneva Fushi promotes a ‘Slow Life’ philosophy, emphasising mindful living in harmony with nature. The resort is an industry leader in sustainability, with a holistic and innovative approach that makes it a standout example of responsible luxury resorts.

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