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Personalisation, human connection and the quest for authentic experiences are some of the qualities that drive today’s luxury traveller. We find these special touches in bespoke itineraries, experience-based activities and, more often than not, in small independently owned hotels. These properties can be remote hideaways or quirky hotels disguised as local residences in the centre of a major city, but they are always endearingly distinctive in their aesthetic. The experience they off er may be smaller in terms of scale and grandeur, but the commitment to personal service and strong sense of place often exceeds that of any five-star hotel chain.

Our cover story this issue takes you across six continents with our pick of some of the best luxury hotels, resorts, camps and lodges with under 10 rooms. Whether it’s five staff members per guest, private villas designed to their billionaire founders’ tastes, or the feeling of being a guest in a home rather than a hotel, each of these properties offer an exceptional level of personalisation.

We also take you on a high altitude adventure through the mountainous and beautiful Ladakh, (page 047), give you a luxury guide to Helsinki as Finland celebrates 100 years of independence (page 066), and safari expert Sue Watt looks at the ethics behind animal tourism and details the new and exciting ways that travellers can be actively involved in conservation efforts (page 132).

Luxury travel is evolving, and we alongside it. As Luxury Travel Media we will continue to bring you the most up to date luxury travel news and inspiration not only in print, but also across our social and digital channels. And soon, you will be able to book exclusive Luxury Travel packages and properties direct from our website. Alongside this digital development comes the evolution of our magazine. You will notice some big changes, in the sections, the content, but most importantly in the design. We are so thrilled to integrate original illustrations by artist Taylor Conacher into this issue and issues to come.

We want your copy of Luxury Travel to be treasured as your own personal directory to five-star adventures in the world’s most exciting destinations. We always love to hear from you and learn more about our readers, so we’ve also attached a reader survey on the last page. Or you can go online and fill it out at:

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Katie Milton | Editor

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