A new foodie experience is launching in Tasmania’s beautiful Derwent Valley

Agrarian Kitchen - garden
Agrarian Kitchen - garden

Luxury hotel The Tasman and award-winning restaurant, Agrarian Kitchen have teamed up to create a locally-inspired epicurean experience

Luxury Collection Hotel, The Tasman, and award-winning restaurant, Agrarian Kitchen have collaborated to offer a new epicurean experience, set to launch in Autumn 2024. Guests will be immersed in the culinary culture and captivating scenery of Tasmania, beginning the journey at The Tasman Hotel for an overnight stay, before travelling to The Agrarian Kitchen in New Norfolk for an indulgent culinary experience.

The Agrarian Kitchen, situated in New Norfolk and recognised as one of Tasmania’s esteemed restaurants, features a central one-acre garden. The garden provides high-quality, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that are used in the restaurant, kiosks and classes; a behind-the-scenes tour of the garden, managed by Head Gardener Mitch Thiessen, offers an exclusive view into the process of sustaining the restaurant’s seasonal harvest. Travellers will experience firsthand how these fresh-picked ingredients are transformed into daily menus, as a part of the new foodie experience, before settling into the restaurant for a chef-prepared lunch.

“The garden shapes everything that we do at The Agrarian Kitchen,” says Co-Founder Rodney Dunn. “Our menu has always been a celebration of provenance so this will further enhance that experience for diners.”

The collaboration between the locations offers a commitment to championing diverse flavours and local, environmentally conscious and sourced produce.

Guests will stay at The Tasman, a heritage-rich and award-winning hotel located in Hobart, just a scenic two-hour drive from Derwent Valley. The hotel prioritises premium, seasonal ingredients from Tasmania, supports local farmers and aligns with guests looking for authentic experiences reflecting Tasmania’s rich history and character.

The Tasman x Agrarian Kitchen collaboration package starts from $518 AUD and includes accommodation at The Tasman, with breakfast and a late check-out; a private kitchen garden tour at The Agrarian Kitchen, lunch and the Agrarian Kitchen cookbook. A chauffeur service to and from Agrarian Kitchen is also available.

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