Tasting Australia launches 2024 program

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Australia’s longest-running culinary festival, Tasting Australia, will offer more than 150 events planned across South Australia in 2024

Tasting Australia, Australia’s longest-running culinary festival, has released its 2024 program, taking place 3-12 May 2024. The ten-day event will feature a diverse array of more than 150 meticulously planned food-focused activities across South Australia.

The culinary festival will showcase immersive events, including a sailing adventure along Kangaroo Island coastline, wine tasting and movie screening at Piccadilly North Adelaide and a foraging experience at the Coorong long lunch.

For the first time, the festival will accommodate visitors from interstate, with guests having the opportunity to be flown by private charter direct to regional South Australia, from Melbourne to Naracoorte as part of a new Tasting Australia Airlines experience. 

Tasting Australia 2024 will also offer several exclusive events including Tasting Australia by Train: a collaboration with Journey Beyond offering a 10-hour day trip from Melbourne to Adelaide with curated experiences on board The Ghan’s dining and bar carriages. A day trip via boat to the Eyre Peninsula to discover the region alongside leading chefs Darren Robertson, Shannon Flemming, Jo Barrett and Fabian Lehman.

Tasting Australia has reimagined the town square and will include classes led by chefs and artisans along with formed spaces – called ‘dining galleries’ – that function as both restaurant and art showcase, highlighting national hospitality and feature works by South Australian artists. Intimate tastings will be hosted by hospitality venues throughout Adelaide, with each tasting featuring a guest presenter.

The festival will feature a line-up of acclaimed and internationally renowned chefs, including Asma Khan, Claudette Zepeda and James Henry, along with local chefs Matt Moran, Julia Busuttil Nishimura, Justin James and Jake Kellie.

The festival’s Director, Karena Armstrong, has carefully curated the 2024 program for Tasting Australia in collaboration with food curator, Kane Pollard (Topiary and PLACE Dining), drinks curators, Meira Harel and Banjo Harris Plane (Good Pair Days) and festival Patron Simon Bryant.

Event tickets are now available from

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