Bali’s best wellness retreats

Hot stone massage with gong at Escape Haven. Image: Bali Interiors

Take an in-depth look at Bali’s most innovative wellness retreats for 2024, where each program has been tailored through expert diagnostics for sustainable wellness

Escape Haven

Escape Haven offers an array of wellness retreat packages tailored specifically to women, that span from Saturday to Friday, every week of the year. A retreat facilitator will collaborate with guests to create a personalised itinerary – visitors can select from a wide range of retreat packages tailored to meet unique goals and preferences, whether seeking an active and challenging journey or a more rejuvenating and healing experience. There are eight bespoke Bali retreat packages: Revive Surf, Refresh Yoga, Renew Fitness, Ayurveda, Bali Healing, Detox, Pilates and Bucket List.

The average duration of a retreat at Escape Haven is six nights and seven days, however, this can be customised for a longer period, if guests prefer. Escape Haven does not impose rigid schedules or early morning starts. Guests set the pace of their wellness retreat, and all activities and participation at Escape Haven are optional, allowing guests to choose how much or how little they do and encouraging guests to tune into their own needs and intuition. Unlike other health retreats in Bali, Escape Haven doesn’t outsource core package inclusions; the experts hired are touted as the very best in their field, ensuring a personalised, trusted and safe experience. Each retreat is inclusive of private accommodation, chef-prepared retreat cuisine, unlimited spa treatments, island adventures, Balinese cultural ceremonies, beach bonfire picnics, cacao ceremonies, sleep rituals, yoga and meditation.

Accommodation at Escape Haven starts from $2,595 USD and the additional retreat package starts from US$249 for the week.

Jacuzzi Suite at Escape Haven. Image: Bali Interiors
Jacuzzi Suite at Escape Haven. Image: Bali Interiors

Revīvō Wellness Resort

Revīvō focuses on shifting guests’ perspectives towards optimal living and cultivating a brighter outlook on life. Located on the lush tropical hill of Nusa Dua, Revīvō boasts a flexible menu of yoga, fitness, spa treatments and emotional therapies. Revīvō embraces the multifaceted nature of wellbeing – social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – and recognises that healing and transformation require personalised approaches.

The resort offers a selection of six Signature Immersive Retreats to choose from depending on individual goals, varying from a moderate to a more intensive retreat experience. Starting at a minimum three-night stay, each retreat program is to be tailor-made to suit individual wellness needs in terms of nutrition, holistic treatments and workouts.

To ensure a personalised approach, Revīvō Bali begins the journey even before guests arrive, with a pre-arrival questionnaire and optional consultation call. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with a refreshing drink and an in-room daily fruit basket. The retreat experience includes access to an array of amenities, including a 25-meter lap pool, hot and cold plunge pools, a steam room, a detox sauna and a fully equipped gym, allowing guests to tailor their wellness routine to their preferences.

Throughout their stay, guests partake in daily mindful wellness practices designed to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and their surroundings. Nutritional needs are addressed with personalised breakfast, lunch and dinner options, designed to align with each guest’s dietary requirements. Physical wellness is fostered through a variety of activities, including collective movement classes offered one to three times daily, depending on the level of immersion chosen for the retreat. Additionally, guests indulge in daily spa treatments, with each day featuring a rejuvenating 60-minute session aimed at promoting relaxation and holistic well-being.

The wellness retreats at Revīvō start from $4,500 AUD per person, twin share.

Revivo Bali pool
Revivo Bali pool

Como Shambhala

COMO Shambhala‘s Wellness Paths are individually curated through expert diagnostics towards sustainable wellness, harmonising mind, body and soul, in the tropical rainforest near Ubud. Wellness Paths are tailored to individual needs and goals, starting from three nights and extending up to ten nights, guests will gain access to speak with COMO Shambhala wellness experts, who will refer a program that is best suited.

The ‘Fit to Perform’ wellness path is tailored to those seeking to refine fitness goals, whether starting a new regimen, rehabilitating from an injury or optimising athletic performance for competitive success. For visitors striving to rediscover well-being from within, the ‘Detox to Restore’ wellness path starts with improving gut health and mental well-being. It then focuses on cleansing dietary and environmental toxins, facilitating a transformative journey toward inner wellness. The ‘Nourish to Glow’ program is designed to revitalise and recalibrate eating habits sustainably. It offers a holistic approach to nourishing the body, promoting radiance across all life stages, from periods of burnout to menopause. The ‘Connect to Rebalance’ path is tailored for those feeling overwhelmed by stress or imbalance. It offers an escape through a digital detox, reconnecting individuals with nature’s healing power to cultivate renewed focus and joy.

The wellness paths at COMO Shambhala Estate start from $3,060 USD single occupancy.

COMO Shambhala – wellness yoga
COMO Shambhala – wellness yoga

Asa Maia

Located a short walk away from Bali’s iconic Thomas Beach, Asa Maia offers a wellness retreat far enough off the beaten path – yet just steps away from all that is uniquely Uluwatu. Asa Maia retreat can be experienced over three to seven nights, and both private and shared room options and daily meals are covered in the price of the retreat, except for dinner on two nights.

The retreat includes breathwork practices that help release tension and trauma held in the body to improve digestion and maximise all the proven health benefits of breathwork. Optimise healing with contrast therapy, known as hot-cold immersion, the simple yet effective action of switching between extreme temperatures that induce rapid changes in guests’ circulatory systems to promote healing.

Guests have 24-hour access to gym equipment, where a fully equipped gym is located in The Asa Maia’s serene central pavilion, outfitted with a treadmill, power rack, barbell, kettle and dumbbells, slam balls, a stepper machine, a TRX system and a Pilates Cadillac. Healing massages at the day spa will also be on offer to unblock stuck energy, boost sluggish circulation or simply relieve a knotted neck. While the Deep Tissue Treatment is fitting for active guests seeking to unwind after a morning surf or snorkel, the restful Indonesian massage brings about balance by drawing on the ancient wisdom of Bali.

At the Shala, guests will foster healing on every plane: spiritual and emotional, physical and mental. The retreat’s spiritual heart, it’s a place without judgment where guests are encouraged to realign, reconnect and restore. The unique space is a modified century-old Javanese residence crafted from teak and capped with a bamboo shingle roof unique to Bali.

Pricing at Asa Maia is dependent on guests’ preferred room type and activity interests and is available upon enquiry.

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