The best cities in Europe for wining and dining

The Wigmore at The Langham, London
The Wigmore at The Langham, London

If food is your language of love, plan a visit to these European food capitals, which offer some of The Continent’s most tantalising gourmet experiences

If you’re planning your next trip to Europe with a criteria that the dining experiences on offer must not disappoint, there are ten cities you shouldn’t miss, according to the sheer volume of 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor. From the people who’ve experienced these cities first-hand, here’s where to go for the best restaurants, cafes and bars on The Continent.

Shangri-La London Royal Botanical Afternoon Tea
Royal Afternoon Tea

London, United Kingdom

With a total of 2,906 5-star reviews, London takes the crown as best city in Europe for foodies. Accounting for this appeal are the United Kingdom’s traditional pub culture with its homemade pies and roast dinners, the capital city’s plethora of Michelin Star restaurants and the array of international cuisines brought to the London streets by immigrants.

Paris, France

In a close second place, Paris earned a total of 2,898 5-star reviews for eateries. The tastes of Paris include escargot and entrecôte not to mention the exquisite array of croissants, macarons, breads and cheeses.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona earned its third place spot with 1,475 5-star reviews. The city is renowned for its exciting nightlife. Foodies in Barcelona can rejoice in the selection of tapas as well as the classic rice dish, paella.

Spanish Tapas

Rome, Italy

Ranked fourth with 1,407 reviews, Rome brings classic Italian tastes to tourists. Two classic spaghetti dishes – pasta carbonara and cacio e pepe – are sure to wow noodle lovers dining at one of Rome’s highly rated restaurants.

Athens, Greece

Nearly tied with Rome, Athens comes in fifth with 1,403 5-star Tripadvisor reviews for restaurants, cafes and bars. Famous dishes of the city include the savoury souvlaki and moussaka, a minced lamb dish.

Madrid, Spain

Returning to Spain, the capital city of Madrid ranked sixth with 1,395 5-star reviews. A local favourite, cocido madrileño, is a multicourse stew with chickpeas, meat and vegetables. Spain is one of only two countries to appear in the top ten of this list, making it a destination well worth spending some extra time in for foodies.

Palacio Chiado, Lisbon. Credit: Madelin Tomelty
Palacio Chiado, Lisbon. Credit: Madelin Tomelty

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s seventh place spot was earned through its total of 1,177 5-star trip advisor reviews for eateries. Seafood fans can rejoice in Lisbon’s offerings that range from salt cod stew and bacalhau to dishes with clams and sardines. Portugal’s renowned egg custard tart, pastel de nata, is a treat not to be missed for those with a sweet tooth.

Berlin, Germany

The German capital placed eighth with 1,074 5-star reviews for its food and drink establishments. Classic dishes include currywurst and the Berlin-style meatball, boulette. The turkish Döner Kebab is also a popular choice in Berlin.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has achieved 1,015 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor so far, placing it ninth on this list. A hearty beef goulash called hovězi guláš and served with homemade bread dumplings is a staple for this city. Ordering a pivo (Czech for beer) is a must in this city since Prague’s beer is cheaper than water and also known as the best in Europe.

NOBU Squid Pasta

Milan, Italy

Rounding out the top ten of this list is Milan, Italy with 814 5-star reviews. For a typical meal in Milan, order creamy saffron-infused risotto and round out the meal with a sweet gelato.

The top 11-20 destinations

Coming in 11th is Budapest, Hungary with 796 reviews followed by Manchester, United Kingdom with 779. Naples, Italy takes 13th with 734 while Vienna is Austria’s top foodie destination with 724 5-star reviews. Valencia brings further proof that Spain is a culinary destination not to be missed with 719 5-star reviews while Porto in Portugal further entices foodies to the Iberian Peninsula with 688 5-star reviews. Foodies in the Netherlands should be sure to grab a bite in Amsterdam, which ranks 17th on this list with 672 5-star reviews. Food lovers travelling to southern Spain should be sure to stop in Malaga, which ranks 18th with 608 5-star reviews. Poland’s only destination on this list, Warsaw, ranks 19th with 575 5-star reviews for its eateries. Finishing off this list is Palma de Mallorca, one of Spain’s Mediterranean islands, with 547 5-star reviews.

Beachside breakfast at Patmos Aktis, Greece
Beachside breakfast at Patmos Aktis, Greece

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