A taste of local heritage: Catalonia named World Gastronomic Region in 2025


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In a celebration of the region’s dedication to ‘slow tourism,’ Catalonia has been awarded a prestigious title which recognises it as an unmissable destination.

The World Gastronomy Region title, promoted by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts, and Tourism (IGCAT), applauds regions committed to enhancing their residents’ quality of life through the celebration of culture, health, culinary excellence, and sustainability. Travellers and culture connoisseurs worldwide turn to the recommendations of the IGCAT to explore some of the world’s most incredible tourism experiences.

Regions recognised by the IGCAT prioritise the fusion of diverse culinary traditions with innovation and experimentation. The title is awarded by an independent and international jury of experts from various fields such as tourism, hospitality, culture, and agriculture.

To those in the know, it comes as no surprise that Catalonia has been chosen by the IGCAT for 2025. Home to more than 180 food and wine events each year, the local culture of Catalonia revolves around simple bliss – with a curated cuisine that accentuates the seasonal, sustainable, and authentic.

Catalan gastronomy is renowned around the world for its extraordinary freshness, health benefits, and vibrant palette. The very landscapes which make Catalonia such a remarkable destination – from sun-drenched shores to rugged mountains and lush valleys – are the foundation of Catalonia’s culinary culture, nurturing its gastronomy with a rich tapestry of unique ingredients.

From the mouth-watering flavours of fresh sea fare to the bold notes of mountain-sourced meats, vibrant fruits and vegetables and homegrown local mushrooms, cheeses and olive oils; the flavours of Catalonia have something for everyone. Farm-to-table dining is a core part of the Catalan experience. Every meal is a journey into the heart of regional flavours – a tour which takes you across the spectacular Catalan landscape from the comfort of your dining chair.

Catalonia’s year-round Grand Tour offers a sprawling journey off the beaten path, touring the hidden treasures of the region in a celebration of slow tourism which unearths unique tastes, breathtaking vistas, and captivating narratives. Offering UNESCO World Heritage sites, unique sporting experiences, thrilling once-in-a-lifetime activities and premium luxury services, the Grand Tour of Catalonia can be anything and everything that you want it to be.

Indulge in the highlights

Below are some of our suggestions to help make the most of your Catalan escape. Ensnare your tastebuds in a captivating tour of some of Spain’s finest culinary offerings with the four recommendations below:

1. La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

Begin your gastronomic odyssey at the bustling La Boqueria Market in vibrant Barcelona. Relish in the freshest seafood, artisanal cheeses, and an abundance of locally sourced treasures revered by some of Catalonia’s best chefs.

2. El Celler de Can Roca, Girona

Girona, a culinary haven, beckons with a coveted reservation at El Celler de Can Roca – a three-Michelin-starred restaurant managed by three dedicated brothers. Their tasting menu, a symphony of avant-garde Catalan cuisine and molecular gastronomy, underscores the signature Catalan commitment to sustainability and regional produce.

3. Seafood Paella, Tarragona

 Delight in seafood paella or fideuà, a pasta-based paella, in a beachside eatery set near the backdrop of ancient Roman ruins. Savour the fresh fish, shellfish and seasonal produce produced by the abundant coastal setting. Tarragona boasts three Michelin-starred establishments for those seeking elevated dining experiences.

4. Wine Tour, Priorat

Unveil the enigmatic allure of Priorat, Catalonia’s intimate wine region celebrated for its intensely flavoured red wines. The only wine region in Catalonia to achieve the highest level of classification (DOC), Priorat has a rich history spanning centuries – from the stewardship of Carthusian monks to the dedication of contemporary winemakers.

5. Calçotada, Valls

Join the spirited Festa de la Calçotada on the final Sunday of January!

Valls is the recognized capital of the humble calçot, a unique regional green onion with a vibrant taste unlike any other. Celebrate an age-old culinary tradition known as the calçotades, an annual gastronomic revelry where succulent barbecued calçots are devoured in grand style. This cherished festival has thrived for over a century, paying homage to the regional delicacy, best enjoyed with the exquisite calçotada romesco sauce.

Catalonia’s Grand Tour: Prepare to embark on a heart-warming adventure packed with local spirit. Learn more.

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