Experience authentic Tahiti by embracing a Mana mindset

The Islands of Tahiti
The Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti’s Mana mindset brings balance between nature, culture, mindfulness and local community

The spirit of Mana is evident from the moment visitors arrive on the shores of the Islands of Tahiti. More than a concept, Mana is the life force and spirit of French Polynesia, guiding every aspect of the island’s culture, heritage and way of life.

To respect the Mana mindset, travellers can respect nature, embrace spirituality and culture, support the local community, and practise mindfulness. By immersing themselves in the Mana mindset, travellers can create connections that go beyond time and place, leaving memories that last long after departing the beautiful destination.

Respecting nature

With a wealth of eco-friendly and sustainable experiences, the Islands of Tahiti invite travellers to connect with nature while preserving its beauty for generations to come. Organisations like Te mana o te moana and Association Coral Gardens are at the forefront of the island nation’s marine conservation efforts. These organisations offer visitors opportunities to engage in coral restoration, waste clean-up and educational programs.

From the well-known Tahiti or Bora Bora to lesser-known islands such as Taha’a, travellers will find various eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation options. In Tahiti, Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa centres its functions on care and respect for the land, featuring an onsite Lagoonarium, which is a protected habitat for marine wildlife that is home to over 200 species. In Bora Bora and Taha’a, Le Bora Bora and Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts are part of the only fully Polynesian-owned hotel collection that has implemented an eco-friendly program across their properties, named P.R.O.T.E.C.T. (Pearl Resorts of Tahiti: Eco-Caring Together). The practices that have been implemented include launching the Okeanos Pearl – the first fully solar-powered deluxe catamaran in French Polynesia, creating coral nurseries at the resorts and offering cultural experiences to learn about the locals.

Embracing spirit and culture

Travellers are encouraged to engage with the local culture and immerse themselves in its traditional music, dance, crafts and storytelling. Cultural events such as the cultural celebration Heiva I Tahiti or the big dance competition Hura Tapuiru, offer a glimpse into the rich culture of the Tahitians.

A culturally immersive tour with Moorea Maori Tours brings visitors into the heart of Polynesian traditions, far from conventional tourist activities. The adventure is led by a tour guide on an outrigger canoe where guests can fish for their own lunch before learning how to prepare poisson cru – the national dish. Those interested in Polynesian history can visit an array of museums across the islands. Recently opened museums include Musée De Tahiti Et Des Îles and Écomusée – Te Fare Natura in Moorea.

Supporting the Local Community

Tahitian guesthouses, or pensions, present visitors with a chance to experience authentic French Polynesia. Family-owned accommodations feature personalised hospitality that allows guests to develop connections with locals while gaining insight to everyday life in the Islands of Tahiti. Each property offers a unique experience and some properties even feature owner or on-site manager interactions with guests. These can range from sitting down for meals or acting as a guide on a local excursion like pearl diving, snorkelling, hiking or other island experiences.

There are a variety of local tours such as the Moorea Food Tour with Chef Heimata Hall or a tour of a plantation, including Vanilla Tours and Pineapple Plantations. Experiences like these support local businesses and provide travellers with a deeper understanding of Tahitian culture.

Practising mindfulness

Practising mindfulness and wellness are at the heart of embracing the Mana mindset. Travellers can immerse themselves in rejuvenating experiences like Polynesian spa and wellness, which are widely available at resorts and hotels throughout the islands. Offerings include traditional Polynesian taurumi massages, spa treatments and meditation sessions amidst tropical gardens.

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