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Exclusive, intimate and engaging, every journey with Captain’s Choice reveals the wonders of the world in a new light – whether you have two days or two weeks, hold a penchant for flying private or prefer to explore by water.

At a time when exclusivity is the greatest luxury, exploring the planet’s most remote and ravishing realms with a limited number of other adventure-seekers may well be the epitome of travel. Welcome to the world of Captain’s Choice, pioneers in upscale expeditions that take you to places and offer experiences that most travellers simply can’t do – and often don’t know exist.

Flying high

Imagine being afforded the levity to bypass airport queues and luggage check-ins, and travel from Sydney to Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, Birdsville and back – three Australian states – in just two days. If you’re flying private with Captain’s Choice, you can expand your getaway horizons – quite literally, and quite vastly – in just a short amount of time. Flying commercially, it would take most people weeks to cover this ground.

Despite the short interlude, the remarkable ‘Weekend in the Outback’ itinerary unfolds at a leisurely pace, offering the chance to enjoy scenic tours over some of the country’s most jaw-dropping attractions – quintessential sights like the Marree Man and Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, the enormity of which can only be grasped from the air.

It’s a similar experience on the four-day ‘Southern Wilderness & Gourmet Islands’ itinerary, a long and indulgent weekend of wine tasting and produce grazing from Melbourne into the rainforests, rivers and rich pastures of western Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Island. You’re sharing your days with a select number of other gourmands, who appreciate the nuances of Tassie pinot noir and brie just as much as you. And with a Tour Manager and Tour Doctor on hand, you know you’re in good hands along the way.

Spiritual connections

A country of dizzying mountain ranges, vast green valleys and gilded stupas, the kingdom of Bhutan, high in the Himalayas, survived in splendid isolation for more than 1,000 years. Visitors today are lured by the prospect of climbing to Paro Taktsang monastery and witnessing the world’s last stronghold of Vajrayana Buddhism in a place that values low-impact tourism above all else. It’s a philosophy shared by Captain’s Choice.

Destination-driven Six Senses offers a scattering of properties in dramatic locations across the country, which you’ll unwind in after days trekking through prayer-flag-laced valleys and beside temple-studded peaks on the Captain’s Choice eight-day ‘Temples & Trails Through Bhutan’ adventure. Five hikes with just 23 others in your company reveal the kingdom’s immense connection with the natural world, exploring landscapes that will make you feel completely insignificant – in the best possible way.

The world by waterway

The Nile River has been the stuff of myths and legends for as long as time, and you can become part of the story on the 16-day Captain’s Choice ‘A Journey of the Gods’ expedition. The privately chartered Sanctuary Nile Adventurer spares no expense in the style stakes, which means you’ll see Egypt’s most fabled sights in comfort and in the company of just 54 other guests. Champagne and high-threadcount sheets are a given, but sometimes the greatest travel luxuries are intangible, like the stories and insights you’ll hear from the world’s most seasoned Egyptologists, accompanying you every step of your Captain’s Choice journey.

Luxury small ship MS Antaris has space for just 30 guests on the Captain’s Choice ‘Adriatic Riches & Aspects of Albania’ voyage, 17 days of heady encounters along soul-salving European coastlines. The intimate nature of the vessel means that you can dock in ports most other cruise passengers are unable to reach – take a dip in the opaline water around that Croatian islet, perhaps; step ashore in Montenegro for dinner; sip wine in an Albanian tavern with happy locals.

These are the moments that matter, and that will shape the way you wander the world for decades to come.

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