More than massages: unique wellness experiences you can book in 2024

COMO Shambhala – wellness yoga
COMO Shambhala – wellness yoga

The world of wellness has come leaps and bounds in the last five years. No longer a term that describes just facials and massages, the multi-billion-dollar wellness industry now offers something for everyone

The global trend towards wellness programs and biohacking continues to grow in 2024, reflecting a strong desire for prolonged health and vitality. We are choosing to feel good over just looking good. From navigating grief to restoring gut health, here are the most unique wellness experiences to book this year


Como Shambhala Estate’s new paths to sustainable wellness

Global wellness brand COMO Shambhala is expanding in 2024 with a deeper commitment to improving each guest’s wellness journey. Launching last month, five itineraries – labelled as ‘Wellness Paths’ – will assist guests with dealing with the stresses of modern-day life. The multi-night experiences comprise fitness, nutrition and naturopathy using a combination of diagnostics, diet, breathwork, hands-on healing and more.

Integrated Wellness is designed to combat stress, weight management, and digestive concerns. Fit to Perform helps participants adopt a fitness routine aligned with their goals and enhance endurance and resilience to stress for better performance. Detox to Restore focuses on gut health and mental well-being, while Nourish to Glow was established for those balanced nutritional choices and mindful eating practices, with a spa and beauty reset. Connect to Rebalance was designed for those struggling with digital overload, or anyone seeking a renewed sense of purpose.

The dining venues emphasise on whole foods and are developed to support various wellness intentions, such as brain and cardiovascular health, sustained energy, blood sugar stability and craving control. The solutions are designed to be sustainable, to deepen the benefits of a Wellness Path when a guest returns home.

Grief-related wellness programs at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

At the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, guests have access to various fitness and wellness amenities. One notable trend being addressed is grief-related wellness. The resort offers a unique approach to addressing grief, eschewing traditional group settings for a more personalised experience. With the guidance of a skilled hypnotherapist, guests are led into their subconscious to navigate and manage their grief, releasing emotional blockages along the way.

Furthermore, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has partnered with Dr Shanequa Fleming to introduce Beyond Boundaries, a comprehensive program that merges neuroscience, mindfulness, design thinking and positive psychology. Through workshops and sessions, participants delve into self-awareness, resilience, purpose, and finding meaning amidst life’s challenges.

Chiva-Som Thai Pavilion Suite Sala
Chiva-Som Thai Pavilion Suite Sala

Chiva-Som’  calendar of visiting wellness practitioners

Thailand’s wellness destination Chiva-Som Hua Hin is built on the world’s leading healing traditions. Here,  wellness practitioners are in residence at the resort, while practitioners of international renown visit on a regular basis. The calendar of residencies for 2024 has been carefully curated to feature specialists from a wide range of disciplines, each bringing a unique perspective to Chiva-Som’s wellness offering.

Evelyn Param will focus on treatments targeting emotional release. Evelyn will help guests tap into their subconscious to explore the root causes of repetitive, self-destructive behaviours and address energy blockages, causing the likes of stress and insomnia. Thomas Andersen’s residence in March engages the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, to lengthen and reposition the body’s fascia in order to release pain and allow more efficient movement. Also in March, guests can enlist Ian Lee to minimise pain, increase mobility and improve circulation, through his approach to osteopathy. Lucja Maslowska’s integrative massages are tailored to individual needs, utilising an integrative approach and beginning with an in-depth and holistic consultation.

With over a decade of healing and energy experience, Danchai Chernprateep offers Psycho-Spiritual Reprogramming, cleansing the mind, releasing redundant energies and reprogramming the body’s signature energy to a healthy state. In April, holistic healing massager Virginie Claret will massage with neuromuscular, trigger point, craniosacral and myofascial techniques to dissolve emotional knots and bring about bodily relaxation.

NEOM in Saudi Arabia’s world-class treatments

NEOM is an urban landscape design by Saudi Arabia that comprises sustainable living, technological innovation and human progress, slated to welcome tourists  this year. Designed with integrated health facilities, the launch of NEOM will see visitors engage with a well-being and biotech ecosystem.

They are aiming to transcend the traditional approach to medical care through a series of sustainable living practices, technological innovation and human progress. Visitors can expect integrated health facilities that redefine traditional medical care. Powered by advanced technology, including AI and data science, NEOM’s healthcare system will leverage biotechnologies like genomics to provide personalised care. Through Dr. NEOM, travellers can access virtual physician consultations and track their health with “digital twins.”

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