The world’s most exclusive members clubs

The Core Club, New York City | Credit: Lorenzo Pennati,

These member-only clubs provide exclusivity, networking opportunities and privacy for those looking to add influence to their social circle

Membership in the most exclusive member-only clubs comes with status, influence and a wealth of luxury. Privacy and exclusivity give these clubs their appeal but unique experiences and connectivity are the true reason for paying steeply to enter these clubs’ doors. Here are some of the world’s most exclusive and expensive members clubs.

The Core Club


New York City, USA

In the heart of Manhattan sits The Core Club, perhaps the city’s most luxurious meeting ground for those with influence in the Big Apple. The club offers a range of amenities as well as a dynamic cultural calendar. Membership in The Core Club is prized due to its networking and innovation-focused ecosystem.

Membership Cost: Initiation fees range from USD$15,000 to $100,000, and membership fees range from USD$15,000 to $18,000 per year.

The Carnegie Club

Scotland, UK

Tucked away in the Scottish Highlands, The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle is an escape into a world of traditional luxury and serene landscapes. Here, history meets exclusivity and members revel in the activities set against the backdrop of a historic castle.

Membership Cost: Joining fees are estimated at £25,000, with annual dues near £8,000.

The Cercle de Lorraine

Brussels, Belgium

Exclusivity can be found in Brussels at Cercle de Lorraine. The club’s sophisticated environment brings networking and socialising to the forefront of member interactions. The club is renowned for its elegant dining, cultural events and an atmosphere that fosters professional growth.

Membership Cost: The initiation fee is around €2,000, with annual dues of approximately €1,500.

The Capital Club

Dubai, UAE

The Capital Club offer a haven for business leaders and influencers in Dubai’s bustling financial district. Those looking for the intersection of business and luxury in the Middle East need look no further than The Capital Club. Its luxurious amenities and focus on professional networking make it the top choice for the elite in Dubai.

Membership Cost: Membership initiation fees can reach up to AED50,000, with annual fees around AED12,000.

The Silencio Club

Paris, France

Conceived by filmmaker David Lynch, Silencio is more than a club: it’s a cultural haven for the artistic community in Paris. Blending art, music and cinema in a unique setting, Silencio offers a platform for creative expression and collaboration, wrapped in an aura of exclusivity.

Membership Cost: Annual membership is around €1,500, with an initiation fee that can vary.

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