Nomads Secrets

Nomads Secrets is a premium travel planning and concierge service delivering luxury travel experiences around the world that bring each destination to life. The company, led by Lucia O’Connell, has a core group of consummate travellers with senior corporate backgrounds and the experience, calibre, knowledge and enthusiasm for in-depth travel.  The Nomads Secrets team has the expertise to provide full travel services from concept to final delivery of customised luxury travel for couples, families, friends and small special-interest groups. We are neither travel agents nor tour operators. We strive to push the limits of the travel experience through custom planning, innovation and final refinement. Our approach involves a highly participatory involvement with our clients, the director of travel planning, experts in guiding hospitality, academia, the arts, food and natural sciences all working together from beginning to end to create and deliver the desired trip. In the end, our clients get to enjoy the world they seek to discover with uncompromising honesty and independence turning their holiday in a spectacular adventure.


Nomads Secrets Pty Ltd

P: 1300 670 000 (Australia)

1888 408 2480 (US and Canada)

     +61 400741930 (worldwide)






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